"Not knowing anything about reflexology, I decided to try seeing Sandy at the recommendation of a friend.  Arthritis caused me stiffness and pain everyday.  I soon discovered that benefits of reflexology treatments.  Sandy is extremely professional and explained what she is doing and why.  I gradually found relief of the pain and I am continuing my treatments." - Joan K, Farmington, CT

"Reiki and reflexology with Sandy provide a peaceful oasis in a very busy world.  She shares her extensive knowledge  of alternative treatments for mind and body difficulties with  caring and compassion." - Cynthia, Newington, CT

"Reflexology during my pregnancy helped me in a so many ways.  I had a lot of fluid buildup in my feet and legs, Sandy was able to give me great relief from the swelling and help the fluid to keep moving.  It’s extremely relaxing and I had the best night’s sleep after reflexology sessions then woke up refreshed and much more energized.  Reflexology gave me relief from my back ache and body tension after each session.  The best part though was feeling my baby enjoying it as well, he moved around more than usual during each session." - Samantha, North Adams, MA

"I began Reflexology during my pregnancy while experiencing severe back pain and numbness in my hands and fingers.  She found it was my sciatica giving my a lot of my back pain. I noticed relief immediately and she advised me of different ways to manage my pain between visits. Throughout regular visits I was able to continue to work through most of my pregnancy without the pain and discomfort so I could enjoy the moments of the glow that comes with being an expecting mother." - Stephanie, North Adams, MA

"During my pregnancy Sandy's reflexology work has helped me tremendously with my back, neck, hip and even any cramping I experienced.  Every session helped me relieve any discomforts and relax me.  I would highly recommend Sandy and Reflexology during pregnancy!" - Meagan, Cheshire, CT

“I was referred to Sandy 6 months ago for Reflexology. I am so thankful for bringing her knowledge and reflexology into my life. Today I am so happy to be free of the back pain and off my pain medication. My quality of life has changed for the better. My head is clear from the fog of pain meds and I now can do most things every day that I couldn’t do before. I told my doctor recently if it wasn’t for reflexology who knows where I would be. Reflexology gave me back my life without the back pain and got me off pain medication. It has been worth every penny and my time to get where I am today.” - John, New Britain, CT

"I have been fortunate to experience spa services and reflexology in many beautiful locations in several countries and the US. I found Sandy to be expert, talented and intuitive. Her services are world class. I am particularly fond of her foot reflexology!!".....................Lisa B.,North Adams, MA

"I have done hand and foot reflexology for a couple years and I have found it to be very beneficial and helpful to my everyday needs. Sandy is not only pleasant but very knowledgeable at everything she does. I love it and recommend it to everyone!"................Kim S., Adams, MA

"I have known Sandy for many years and her commitment to Reiki and
Reflexology is outstanding.  Sandy will do the extras to try and help you
to heal.  She genuinely cares for her patients you are not just a job to
her--you are a person who needs help and she wants to make you feel
better."  -- Janice, Adams, MA

My first time experience with reflexology and reiki was amazing. I was having lower back pain and my first appointment with Sandy made a huge difference. The pain subsided and I was ably to exercise again without discomfort. Sandy's presence is calm and relaxing. I always look forward to my appointments with her.  She is truly a 'healer'. - Monica A, Williamstown, MA